Is Miami The New Beauty Event Destination? Create & Cultivate x Clinique Miami

Miami bloggers, entrepreneurs and influencers were out to toast fresh faces by Clinique and chat with a panel of Miami’s hottest fashion girls hosted by Create & Cultivate CEO Jaclyn Johnson.

Create & Cultivate hosts 3 to 4 events a month all over the country and gather’s entrepreneurs, creatives and like-minded women to inspire and enhance their business. The Miami Clinique pop up x Create & Cultivate at Aventura Mall’s newly built wing focused on beauty, so naturally, we couldn’t wait to get the buzz on what was trending.

The event’s panel included Hugette Montesinos, Carolina Lindo, Daniela Ramirez, Martha Graeff and Annie Vazquez. Johnson asked questions about their favorite beauty trends right now and how the images portrayed on Instagram effect young women. Let’s just say, Johnson knows how to balance trends with deeper conversations that made for an intriguing panel discussion.

All Photos by Jessica Bordner Photography.


Pictured Above: Hugette Montesinos of @Disfunksionmag, Carolina Lindo of @ImNotSorrydDarling, Host and CEO of Create & Cultivate Founder @JaclynrJohnson, Daniela Ramirez of @Nany, Model @MarthaGraeff and Annie Vazquez of @TheFashionPoet.


Daniela Ramirez opened up and shared that she never felt like the typical beauty and that social media has created more room for diverse images and beauty ideals. “Beauty should be an expression of who you are. I’m petite and I think today people are more accepting of different body types,” Ramirez exclaimed.


Daniela Ramirez speaking on the panel



Hugette Montesinos chimed in “why can’t ugly just be ugly.” The life coach and Disfunkshion Magazine Editor-in-chief keeps her beauty routine simple; “I use coconut oil all over my face, body and hair. Moisturizing is my top thing right now.”

Graeff is also big into hydration when it comes to beauty; “hydration with water is number one.” She also is loving her latest beauty tool, a Jade roller that she feels really helps her skin look glowy.


Pictured above: Model and Panel guest, Martha Graeff


As for makeup, these ladies are not afraid to go bold. Ramirez is ” loving blue eyeshadow,” Annie Vazquez is also having fun with eye shadows in primary colors like red, and Graeff, a huge festival goer, always has fun adding some glitter to her makeup look.

“I love the dewy glossy thing but I can’t handle it.” says Hugette with a laugh.



Annie Vazquez answering questions




Shiri Sarfati asking the panel a question



The panel discussion ended with questions from the audience. I asked if they felt that being a blogger in Miami was an advantage or disadvantage. The panel was clearly divided.

Vazquez felt that bloggers don’t get paid well for the content they produce in Miami, while in New York brands are more likely to compensate bloggers for the work they do. Others, like Ramirez, felt that Miami gave her an opportunity to be different and succeed.

Are you a blogger in Miami? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Create & Cultivate will host their next beauty Summit in NYC on May 5th.




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