12 Best Coconut Oil Beauty Uses

Coconut oil might just be the one magical creation given to mankind that could save you a fortune when it comes to some of the more expensive products you buy in stores. With all of its multiple uses, it’s almost insane to not own a jar of this in your home if you don’t already.

The benefits of using oils in your beauty routine is well known today. And most people know a few benefits they can get out of using coconut oil, but what about all of its beauty uses?

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YouTuber, holistichabits shows you some wonderful easy ways to use coconut oil in all things beauty! This YouTuber in particular is greatly known for vlogging about remarkable natural alternative ways to using or making beauty products that are better for you than the stuff you buy in stores.


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I’m obsessed with her channel and all the wholesome beauty tips she gives in all of her videos. Now we all hear of other writers and vloggers telling us all the amazing uses for coconut oil when it comes to cooking with it, to using it as moisturizer, to even getting rid of a sore throat, but this video in particular is just for you beauty gals.

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Here is a list of the 12 best coconut oil beauty secrets that you need to know:

Makeup RemoverGetting rid of stubborn makeup can be a pain, but coconut oil will do a better job than most makeup remover products you buy do.
Facial CleanserCoconut oil is gentler than most soap and scrubs we buy in stores, and can really help with keeping your skin cleaner and clearer.
Hair ConditionerBetter than most regular conditioner, coconut oil can be applied overnight to leave your hair feeling luscious and soft.
Body ScrubWhen mixed with sugar, coconut oil can make a great exfoliator for your skin!
Shaving CreamIf you run out of shaving cream, then coconut oil is your answer. It will help allow the razor to glide over your skin leaving it extremely smooth.
Facial & Body MoisturizerCustomize your favorite facial and body moisturizer out of coconut oil to leave you with an amazing glow.
Skin Issues & First Aid Whether you suffer from acne, eczema, scars or even ear infections, coconut oil is known to be the ultimate problem solver for skin issues and first aid fixes.
Eat It For Health & Beauty You are what you eat, so why not feel healthy and beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Coconut oil will give you a great burst of energy, and give you that extra boost you need.
Cuticle CreamImprove your nail health by using coconut oil as your new cuticle cream! It will do wonders in helping you sooth and heal your cuticles.
DeodorantCoconut oil deodorant is some of the best all-natural kinds you can create these days, while still having it smell fantastic at the same time.
ToothpasteTalk about an all-natural whitening toothpaste, coconut oil will help leave you with a whiter smile while also giving your teeth a satisfying clean taste.
SunscreenDuring short exposure, applying coconut oil to your skin can actually help prevent you from getting sunburn.


Is there really anything that coconut oil can’t do?

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