Just In Time For Festival Season, Glitter Makeup Is About To Shake Up What’s In Style This Spring

If you’ve been following Coachella looks on Instagram, glitter makeup is all the rage, but it’s not just for music festivals. Glitter is really making a comeback this spring.

Glitter makeup has always been one of those trends that makes its round every so often. It usually is that one style that likes to sneak back up on us to show everyone that it is indeed still very popular!

The best part about of this makeup trend is that it has certainly stepped up its tactics in the last few years, and how people wear it. Everyone from celebrities, to models to people like us are impressing us with this style more recently, and it looks like this beauty trend is going to come out on top this year in all things makeup.

Whether you are wearing glittered eye shadow, glittered lipstick or going full out on everything glitter, this makeup staple is definitely bringing its A game this spring!

Here are a few glitter makeup looks that are about to shake up everything we think we know about makeup trends:


Glitter Lids

In addition to adding some fun spring lavender lids, add some glitter on top and reign supreme like the queen you truly are.


Photo credit: Instagram via @marthahunt



Under Eye Glitter Accents

This sparkly, statement-making, under eye look is the stuff festival dreams are made of. Grab your glitter liner and get going!

Photo credit: Instagram via @violette_fr



Glitter Lips

Nothing screams festival beauty like your lips sparkling in the dark of the festival night. Try rocking this Coachella lip look with the Pat McGrath Lip Kit pictured below.


Photo credit: Instagram via @bellahadid



Glitter Eyebrows

When it comes to festival beauty looks, there’s no such thing as too much glitter. We can’t get enough of this eye-catching brow with just enough hint of glitter glam.


Photo credit: Instagram via @ellarie



Glitter Roots

Even your hair deserves some glitter love! Sprinkle some glitter on your roots and you’re good to go. If you wanna really feel EXTRA, add some to your décolletage with fun festival rhinestones.


Photo credit: Instagram via @griffinarnlund

YouTube beauty guru, Makeupshayla, gives us amazing beauty tutorial recap on how to get Beyonce’s Coachella Beauty look from her epic performance.

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