Jet-Setter Daniela Moreno Shares Her Travel Beauty Essentials + More

Daniela Moreno of Iron N Salt is a Miami-based fashion, beauty and travel blogger. This Fashion Institute of Technology grad has traversed the globe from Cartagena to Mykonos always looking ever so stylish while immersing herself in the local culture. Her blog is giving us some major wanderlust!

So whether you are booking a trip to one of her favorite destinations or wanting to know her tips on beating anxiety or just want some major fashion inspo, Daniela is your girl.

But what keeps Daniela looking flawless? We got to ask her personally. Read on to find out her complete beauty routine…


Photo Credit: Yesi Flores


1. Growing up, what were some of your first beauty memories? 

Since I was a little kid, I remember always having an admiration for beauty products. I would run to my grandma’s house and the first thing I would do was raid her beauty drawers in her bathroom. I would put everything on and try different colors and I was always asking people if I could do their makeup.

If I was good in school, my mom would take me after class to a drug store and reward me with a lipstick haha! She always let me wear make-up since I was two years old and I developed some weird fascination for all things beauty.


2. Who taught you about beauty or was it something you discovered on your own?

I think it was something I discovered on my own. My mom is the opposite of me as she hates makeup and pampering herself. I on the other hand, I would love to experiment with all things beauty and I think as a Libra, it’s something I’m naturally attracted to.

In high school, my friends would line up so that I could do their make-up before going to a party as I was the only one who knew how to do a smokey eye at age fifteen. I still love discovering new things and I think beauty just makes me feel good.


3. Who is your favorite celebrity beauty look?

I always look up to those girls who master the natural look. I love an off-duty dewey look that still looks put together but you can see a person’s real face, freckles, skin etc. I think someone like Bella Hadid always has that kind of glow. Her face looks healthy without it being overbearing and I love that!


Photo Credit: Daniela Moreno


4. What are your Beauty-rituals?

For me, I feel like moisturizing and keeping my skin healthy is always my priority. I never want to use make-up as a way to cover things up, so maintaining a hydrated and clear face is always my number one ritual.


In the mornings, I like to keep is simple. I use a gentle face wash like Aveeno Foaming Face Wash and for moisturizer I use Avéne that I bought in a french pharmacy and I’m in love with it.


At night, I tend to go all out with my skincare. When I’m stressed or anxious, I get horrible breakouts, even at 26. I usually double cleanse to remove my make up, one oil based product and then a regular face wash. Then I usually reach for my Sunday Riley products. If I have a breakout, I’ll use the Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil  and if my skin just feels patchy, I use the Luna Sleeping Oil.

Then I usually put a little of the Good Genes lactic acid treatment from Sunday Riley. I’ve learned with age that I have to make investments when it comes to my skin because most drug store products tend to break me out.


5. When traveling, what’s a must-have product in your carry-on?

I’ve been really getting into face mists! I love Herbivore rose water mist and Caudalie grape water mist; feels so good and refreshing!


Photo Credit: Yesi Flores


6. What does self-care look like for you?

I think self care is being good to yourself. Making time for yourself when you need space and allowing yourself to indulge. Making a tea, putting on a face mask, spraying perfume, anything that lifts your spirits and makes you feel a little bit better.

Eating right and drinking water is also something that I’m working on in 2018.


7. How do you pamper yourself?

I have full on spa nights alone to pamper myself. I’m one of those people that turns candles on, makes a bath and gives myself that time to unwind. I love it!


8. What’s your favorite go-to LOCAL spots to get a treatment? AND what treatments do you get?

I grew up in Weston, FL and the only reason I ever go back is to see my skin guru at Bio Vital Med Spa. It’s a 40 minute drive from Miami but she is the only person I let near my face.

She has done facials, laser treatments on scars and microdermabrasion (which changed my life). I had bad acne in my early 20s and she removed all my scars and bumps.


9. Do you give yourself facials at home? If so, how?

Every time I give myself a facial, I wake up the next morning and regret it. When I pick at my skin, I don’t do it right and I cause more damage than anything so I leave it up the experts!


10. Are you a bath or shower person?

On the daily, a shower person for sure. I love taking a shower and usually do it twice a day.

On the nights when I need to relax, when I’m anxious or not feeling my best, a good bath is the best cure!


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