Puppy Eyeliner Is The New Korean Beauty Trend You Need To Try

Here in the states, most of us are accustomed to the coveted cat eye look. But as Korean beauty continues to flood our social media feeds, we can’t help but fall in love with the “puppy eyeliner” makeup trend. It’s the cousin of the beloved cat eye, and with a name as cute as “puppy eyeliner,” who wouldn’t want to try it?

Instead of the cat eye, which is flicked upwards, “puppy eyeliner,” creates a line that droops downwards. This technique is used to create an illusion of a bigger, more rounded eye.


The look is so simple and gives off a cuter, more innocent-looking vibe (kind of like the looks you receive from your beloved pups). And whether you want to leave your eyelids free from eyeshadow, or you want to accentuate a smokey eye, puppy eyeliner is the perfect way to upgrade your eyeliner game.


We all have those days when our eyeliner is just not cooperating with us. Cat eyeliner can be a little tricky, compared to puppy eyeliner. With cat eyes, you may find yourself making several attempts before settling for your fifth line.

That’s why I love this trend. It makes it easier for you to follow the natural shape of your eye, rather than needing to extend a line outwards like you would with a cat eye. So, for beginners and those who are a little more impatient in the morning (like me), this trend is definitely worth trying.

@YouTube Wengie

@YouTube Wengie

I have smaller, almond-shaped eyes and I’m always experimenting with new ways to make my eyes look bigger and rounder. After years of being a self-proclaimed cat-eye addict, I can honestly say I’m a “puppy eyeliner” convert! The look suits my eye shape and really does make my eyes look huge!

Whether you want to give yourself the appearance of larger, more rounded eyes or you want a change from your usual cat-eye, here is a great tutorial on how to achieve the puppy eyeliner look. YouTuber Wengie dishes on how to get that perfect downwards flick in just a few easy steps.

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