Unexpected Ways You Can Use Olive Oil For Your Skin

Before coconut oil came around and showed us the abundant ways we could boost our beauty regimen with it, there was olive oil.

What most people don’t know is that just like coconut oil, you can use olive oil for more than just cooking with. Olive oil is known for having some pretty awesome health benefits that help aid in revitalizing your skin when it is both consumed and used topically.

This kitchen essential can be found in almost every home, and is definitely one of the easiest ways to improve your beauty routine within a matter of minutes. I love finding new ways to incorporate ingredients I use everyday into my skin care routine. Best of all it’s natural which is so important to me when putting anything on my skin!

Here are 3 unexpected ways you can use olive oil for your skin:

1. Shaving Cream



If you’re out of shaving cream, then the next best solution is to run to your kitchen for some olive oil. It actually ends up making some of the best shaving cream.

It helps majorly when it comes to getting a few extra uses out of your razor blade, while also being able to avoid unpleasant razor burns and bumps as well.

 2. Eczema Remedy




If you suffer from eczema like me, then every year when winter rolls around you may feel like this dry skin spell is never going to end. Luckily, I have used olive oil to treat my eczema naturally for years, and you wouldn’t believe how much it has helped me out.

Olive Oil is known to be an intense moisturizer, and because it’s an all-natural product, it is the perfect solution to treat and ward off eczema. How awesome is that?

3. Eye-Makeup Remover

YouTube @MichellePhan

YouTube @MichellePhan

Most people are hesitant when it comes to putting olive oil and any other type of oil on their face because naturally you think it might cause bigger blemish issues then you already have going on.

Well no worries, this is a complete myth!

Olive oil actually grabs onto the other oil based products you have on your face, making it ten times easier to actually remove all that stubborn eye makeup while also hydrating your skin at the same time.

YouTuber, Michelle Phan shows you exactly how to make your own eye-makeup remover out of olive oil and it’s downright perfect!

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