8 Unusual Beauty Uses For Vaseline


If you look in the back of your medicine cabinet right now, I’m sure you will find a tube of Vaseline sitting there. Some people often wonder if Vaseline is actually good for anything other than minor uses, but there is practically an infinite number of beauty uses when it comes applying this product.

I will admit that I was quite shocked that this product that has been around for forever could be put to such killer use!

YouTuber, Clevver Style shares a few easy ways to go about using Vaseline as part of your normal beauty routine. Plus they share how all of these tips will help get the job done faster than your traditional products will.

Here are eight ways to use Vaseline that might surprise you:

1. Seal Split Ends

Use Vaseline for hair split ends

YouTube @Clevver Style

Vaseline is a great trick to use when you want to conceal and seal your split ends. It does the job quickly, and is super easy to apply as well!

2. Highlighter

Use Vaseline as a skin face highlighter

YouTube @Clevver Style

If you run out of your favorite makeup highlighter (you know that product that gives you an instant photo-finish and sheen) and need an immediate fix, then Vaseline is actually an ideal way to bring out those cheekbones (and any other areas) easily.

3. Moisturizer

Moisturizing skin with Vaseline

YouTube @Clevver Style

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, then Vaseline might be the new answer for you. When winter rolls around it seem like your skin’s dry spell is never going to end. This product is actually a lifesaver during this time of year especially on your knees, elbows and even around your nose, especially if you have a slight cold!

4. Tanning Lotion

Make your own tanning lotion with Vaseline and bronzer

YouTube @Clevver Style

You can actually make your own tanning lotion with just Vaseline and an old container of bronzer.

This combination will give you an instant glow that will have people asking if you just came back from a beach getaway!



5. Clear Mascara

Combing your eyelashes with Vaseline

YouTube @Clevver Style

If you don’t want to wear a ton of eye makeup, but still want your lashes to look fabulous, then an easy fix is combing your lashes with…. you guessed it…Vaseline!

I’ve tried this out before, and it actually looks like you’re wearing mascara. What an amazing solution to getting the same look!

6. Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup remover with Vaseline

YouTube @Clevver Style

When you run out of your normal face wipes, Vaseline might be your next answer to getting rid of stubborn eye makeup. The best part is that Vaseline is gentler on your eyes than your standard eye makeup remover, so you will actually be doing something wonderful for your skin.

7. Lip Gloss

Vaseline as a natural looking lip gloss

YouTube @Clevver Style

Meet your new lip gloss! That’s right, using Vaseline as a natural looking lip gloss is an excellent way to keep your lips looking shiny and hydrated at the same time.

8. Getting Earrings Back In

Use Vaseline to get your earings back in your ear

YouTube @Clevver Style

If you don’t wear earrings that much, then you can totally understand the feeling of trying to put them back in and its not going over too well.

This is where Vaseline will come into play. Just put it on the tip of your earrings and it will slide right in with no hassle.

This might have to be my favorite Vaseline hack yet!

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