Get Festive! The Must Have Nail Art Guide For Every Holiday of The Year

Holiday nail art is a fashionable way to celebrate each special day of the year a little more than normal. I know I am always looking for a new way to change up my nail art game, and one of the best ways to do this is during the holidays.

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with nail art, then wait until you see some of the creative concepts people have come up with!

You might even be surprised with some of the special occasions people go all out for. Let’s just say, it’s a very festive way to get in the spirit of any occasion.

Instead of applying normal coats of regular nail polish to match the color scheme for each holiday, nail artists are getting extra imaginative by incorporating fresh designs, adding glitter in just the right spots and coming up with ideas that are pure genius!

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to style your nails for the holidays this year, then you came to right place. Whether you want to go all out for every holiday, or keep it simple, there is plenty of nail looks to keep you on your fingertips this year!

Just looking at some of the festive styles others have come up with is enough for me to want to try out these impressive holiday nails too!

Here are our must have holiday nails for every occasion:

New Year’s

Mardi Gras

A photo posted by @nailsby_cassidy on

Valentine’s Day

A photo posted by Hannah Weir ?? (@thenailtrail) on

St. Patrick’s Day

A photo posted by Emi (@emismanis) on


Earth Day

A photo posted by Rebecca Rocha (@rochas_nails) on

Cinco de Mayo

A photo posted by Gianna (@nailstorming) on

Independence Day

A photo posted by Prism Nails (@prismnails) on


A photo posted by @nailsby_cassidy on


A photo posted by Hannah Weir ?? (@thenailtrail) on


A photo posted by Cosmopolitan (@cosmopolitan) on

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