11 French Manicures You Need To Try Out This Year

French manicures were incredibly popular during the ‘90s, but now fast forward to 2016… and they have received a whole new look.

Between changing up the tip color, to adding a fun design, to making it look extremely edgy, these French manicures will have you running to the nail salon to try them out this spring.

Here are 11 French manicures you need to try out this year:

1. Thin color tip French manicure

The thin color tip French manicure look is absolutely genius! I would have never thought of trading in the classic white tips for one of my favorite colors.

2. Big red French manicure

A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on

This thick red tip with a tiny gold dot in the middle is a fun way to spice up your French manicure look this year.

3. Let it snow French manicure

This fun design keeps the classic white French manicure look while also giving it a whole new style.

4. Fruity French manicure

A photo posted by Chelsea King (@chelseaqueen) on

When life gives you lemons, watermelon, limes or even oranges, you get awesome nail art! This French manicure look is definitely one to try out!

5. Glitter French manicure

Sometimes you just need a little extra pop in your life, so why not do it with a little bit of glitter! The classic white tip paired with the line of gold glitter on the opposite side of the nail is a very trendy way of changing up your classic French nails.

6. Back to Black French manicure

A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on

With a bold black tip, this French manicure style takes on a whole new twist from the classic white one.

7. Gold Tip French manicure

This gold tip French manicure look is an awesome style to add to just about any outfit this spring. Whether you’re dressing it up this spring, or keeping it casual… you can’t go wrong with this look!

8. Vacation Daze French manicure

If you need quick and cute getaway look, this vacation styled French manicure will be your new go-to!

9. Abstract French manicure

A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on

This style is definitely a modern twist to your mother’s French manicure. This nail style looks like a piece straight from the abstract artist Mondrian, whose use of primary colors and black lines give this nail trend a bold look.

10. Ice Queen French Manicure

A photo posted by Chelsea King (@chelseaqueen) on

With a design like this one, you will definitely make a statement this year. This is a great way to mix up your French manicure this spring, and try out something new.

11. Double French Manicure

A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on

If you’re looking to stay close in style with the classic French manicure, you can do it easily by adding a little edge to it with some extra lines.

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