Male Grooming Tips: Nose, Ear and Hand Waxing

Yes, it’s true. Us men can get pretty hairy in some unsightly places. The thing is letting these places overgrow is really a conversation stopper. Dude, if your nostril and ear hairs are long enough for you try out a new braiding technique on, you know it’s time to groom.

The first time I got my nose and ear waxed was at a trade show with my girlfriend at the time. Really, there was very little time for me to think it over before the esthetician went at it, dripping hot wax into my nose and ears – there was no point of return. It had to come out.

After the initial pull, I couldn’t believe it. I really felt cleaner. Almost like I could breathe and hear better (although I know that was not really the case). She then went on to tackle the tops of my hands and knuckles. Whoa- this was truly a game changer. It felt smooth and looked a lot better. My girlfriend agreed.

Once you go smooth, I can say you never go back. To get this feeling, check out this YouTube video on how a nose wax works. Seeing it is believing. And hopefully this makes you less scared to actually try it out.

My advice is seek a professional when doing this.

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