Maintain Your Beard Stubble Without Fearing The Mess

In order to maintain my stubble beard I have to groom it with an electric beard trimmer every 2-3 days. It’s a look I’ve grown accustomed to, and to be honest, I hardly recognize my face with a clean shave. It’s a rugged, masculine look that matches my laid back personality. And according to a University study, it’s the preferred look by a majority of women.

The maintenance doesn’t bother me, it’s just the look that my wife usually gives me afterwards that quite frankly terrifies me. You know the look; the “you better be cleaning that up when you’re done” look.

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You see shaving your beard with a beard trimmer can get pretty messy – like barber shop messy. These are the type of little hairs that you seem to find around the bathroom floors, sink and other crevices days after even though you thought you did a pretty thorough clean up.

Enter Beard Bib by The Beard King. Seriously, when I saw this video I couldn’t help but relating. This simple invention catches all your hairs that you shave off in a large cape (or bib) that connects from your vanity mirror and wraps around your neck. Think colossal-lobster-night-out type bib. And not only does it make for an easy clean up job post shave – just empty contents from cape to trash – but it also can save you from having to change your button down after. Really? Why didn’t I think of this earlier.

Oh and you know how she’s been lately stealing your aftershave…well my friend, she will be stealing this one from you too to cut her own bangs. So really this will make you look like the bathroom hero that you are.

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