Bring This To Your Next Barber Shop Appointment – 5 Best Men’s Hair Cuts

The burning question for most men is how long should they go between hair cuts. Well, according to a recent New York Times article, the rule of thumb is 3-6 weeks. And if you’re constantly getting the same cut, unfortunately it’s not going to always look exactly the same.

Why not switch up your do the next time you sit in your barber chair for a cut and style? The longest you have to live with it is just a few short weeks, so it’s a fun way to experiment with your look with very little commitment.

Here are some of the 5 latest haircut trends you need to try:

1. The Fade

The fade haircut is definitely one of the most popular styles you will see on men this year. It’s very clean cut with a more contemporary look to it.

Although there are many variations of this haircut, from a high fade with long hair on top to a low skin fade pompadour, you will have fun with all the different ways you can wear this look.

2. The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a very classic haircut for many men. It is probably one of the more low-maintenance styles you can get today.

The short length of this trend looks good on just about any man, and it’s very easy to maintain.

3. The Side Part Pompadour

The side part pompadour is basically a twist on the fade haircut. By parting it to one side, you give it a whole new look.

The slick line through the hair is sharp, unique and easy to dress up or down.

4. The Tousled Texture Hair

The tousled texture hair is actually a very simple casual haircut that looks great on every male. It has the perfect combination of messy hair with a little bit of style and sophistication to go along with it.

With a little bit of hair gel or styling cream, you’ll be able to style this look in no time.

5. The Classic Side Part

This modern approach to a classic cut is ideal for any man who doesn’t want to put too much time or effort into making his hair look good. There is more of a natural life to this style, so you will ultimately spend less time combing it over and your hair will end up doing the job for you instead.

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