Play Up Your Freckles: What The Beauty Girls Are Rocking May Shock You

New beauty trends are always making their rounds about this time of the year. It’s spring and most people are looking to change up their standard beauty routine, and some are even hoping to find the next cutting-edge trend to try out before their peers.

Now would you believe me if rainbow freckles were one of those trends that is currently popular right now… because it is!

For some people who have grown up trying to conceal their freckles with makeup, it’s time to give those natural beauty marks a new colorful life all their own.

If you check out #fakefreckles or #coloredfreckles on Instagram and Twitter, you will end up seeing some pretty stunning looks. From more natural looking faux freckles to a more rainbow approach, beauty girls are getting creative with this fun trend.

If you’re someone who loves experimenting with creative makeup trends, then this is definitely one way to change up your traditional look for a special event where you can go all out for. It might sound kind of crazy at first, but once you see some of these girls on Instagram rocking this look, you might just have to give it a go.

Here are some rainbow freckles to inspire you:

A photo posted by Jessie (@jessicaaa_mua) on

A photo posted by • DOM.• (@dominiqueldr) on

A photo posted by Marlee ? (@marleexmakeup) on

A photo posted by a l y (@alymcdanielmakeup) on

A photo posted by Sara Lee (@saraa_smirks) on

In case you are wondering how to get this look, I suggest watching Makeup Artist, Dominique D’Angelo tutorial as she’s one of the originators of making this colorful look go viral!

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