3 Easy Tricks To Perfecting Over Lined Lips

Altering your lip shape is a mega popular makeup trend many people are trying out all over the world. With a few subtle changes, you can completely change your lip shape by using the over lined lips method so they appear bigger, smaller or give them a whole new dimension.

With many lip shapes to play around with, all it takes is some lip liner and matching lipstick to get the look you desire. Whether you are looking to plump up your lips, thin them out, or go for a fun cupid’s bow style, there are many options to choose from when you want to change up your overall appearance.

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Just take a look at this infographic on all the different ways you can revamp your lip shape with.

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These tricks are a wonderful way to give your lips a whole new look, but when it comes down to executing your sought-after shape, it’s important to remember that you want to find one that will help balance out your other features.

This is probably the best way to go about having your lips comes across as completely natural, while also boosting up your overall makeup look at the same time.

With the help of Alle from XoJane, here are three different ways you can go about changing up your lip shade:

1. Fuller Lips

Credit: Alle @ XoJane.com

It is no surprise that fuller lips are the most sought after lip shape. When you have celebrities like Kylie Jenner and others rocking out this look everyday, how could you not want to try it out as well!

The key to making your lips look fuller is to remember to never overdraw. You only want to outline and blend your lip liner on both your upper and lower lip.

This is likely the easiest way to enhance your lip shape naturally, while also giving the illusion of a more flirty and full appearance.

2. Thinner Lips

Credit: Alle @ XoJane.com

Most people think about altering their lip shape when they want to establish fuller lips, but what about going for thinner lips instead?

If you want to make your lips look a tad bit smaller than normal, than the best way to go about achieving this look is to line a little bit under your natural shape on both the upper and lower lip.

This helps with not only balancing out the rest of your features, but it also gives you a very natural thin lip shape that will look absolutely amazing!

3. Cupid’s Bow

Credit: Alle @ XoJane.com

One of the best lip shapes to create that will have you tapping into your girly side is the “cupid’s bow.”

This lip shape is actually a lot easier to accomplish and pull off than you think!

The cupid’s bow can take a little bit of practice at first to execute the right appearance you want, but once you master getting the correct “v” shape, you will be a pro at getting this look in no time.

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