5 Tips To Rock Dark Lipstick With Confidence This Spring

With bold lips making its way back in style this spring, you might be wondering how you can go about adjusting from your usual pale girly lipsticks to more dark edgy ones.

I will admit that whenever I’ve put on dark lipstick in the past I always felt sort of out of place. I would find myself in my head asking if I picked the right color out, is everyone staring at me because I look ridiculous, is it all over my teeth, should I just go home and wipe it off? This may sound a little intense, but when you step outside of your comfort zone you could find yourself asking the same questions.

If you have had some of these similar thoughts, well first you’re not alone and two there are many solutions to finding out how to rock these darker shades with confidence and become more comfortable wearing them out in public.

If you’re ready to branch out this spring, then here are your essential beauty tips for wearing dark lipstick:

1. Pick a shade that works well for you


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The best way you can go about finding the right shade of dark lipstick for you is to test them all out firsthand in your favorite department stores.

Most beauty retailers have cotton swabs available for you to use on test samples, and it will allow you to determine what shade blends well with your skin tone and compliments the rest of your features.

Also, it’s a fun way to try out a bunch of colors at once without having to drop a good chunk of change in the process.

2. Avoid going too dark

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Experimenting with dark lipstick can be quite fun at first, but you definitely want to feel ready to pull of fthis particular shade with confidence. If this is your first time wearing a bold lipstick look, then you might want to avoid going too dark at first.

You want your lips to stand out in a positive way, so you essentially don’t want your lipstick to lure you in the opposite direction of what you’re going for.

3. Prep your lips beforehand

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Trying to put dark lipstick on dry chapped lips is one of the biggest pains, especially when you want your color to go on smooth and last longer throughout the day.

In order for that to happen, it’s best to both exfoliate and moisturize your lips before you apply your lipstick of choice. You will essential allow your dry or chapped lips to heal properly beforehand, and in the end get much better results. Try this luscious mint lip scrub recipe that will give your lips the perfect pout.

4. Tone down the rest of your makeup

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The key to making dark lipstick work well with the rest of your makeup, is to keep the remainder of the products you use on your face to a minimal. Natural looking makeup works best to make your lips really stand out.

Your dark lipstick should be the center focus, so essentially you want to keep your eye makeup, blush and brows incredibly simple and avoid having the rest of your face be as dramatic as your lips.


5. Don’t forget to check your teeth

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Dark lipstick has a way of leaving behind traces of unwanted stains, especially when you go to smile and you see you have it all over your teeth.

In order to rock those lips with confidence, don’t forget to do a teeth check before you leave the house!


Below, we rounded up our 5 Favorite Celebs rocking this trend:

1. Olivia Culpo

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2. Jenna Dewan Tatum

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3. Taylor Hill 

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4. Alexandra Daddario

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5. Shay Mitchell 

Photo credit: Instagram via @shaymitchell


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