Bold Purple Eye Shadow Looks You Need To Try

Bold eye makeup has really made its mark this year. Whether it’s on the runaway, on celebrities or all over social media, these bright dramatic looks have become the newest makeup trend.

More recently, bold purple eye shadow in particular has become the newest craze to derive from this trend. This colorful approach is definitely changing up the way we deck out our normal eye makeup.

You can go for more of a smoky approach, blend it with other color combinations or even just apply it under your eyes. Either way there is so many ways to mix and match this style that you just can’t go wrong with this look!

If there is a special event coming up in your life, or you’re just looking for a compelling way to make a statement with your eyes, you might just have to give this look a try! This makeup trend is all about experimenting, having fun and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

So, are you ready to rock this look this year? I know I am!

Here are some bold purple eye shadow looks that you need to try out:


A photo posted by Lora Arellano (@lora_arellano) on

In case you are wondering how to get this look, YouTuber, LustreLux gives you an awesome tutorial on how to go about achieving this eye makeup trend.

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