The Prettiest Ways To Wear A Head Scarf

Head scarves were once a staple in any woman’s beauty repertoire, and I think it’s high time they made a comeback. Messy curls or unruly waves? Now we can tie them up with a colorful scarf for an instant boho beauty transformation.

While hair accessories have never been my thing as they seem like they would be too difficult to do, I always envied the girls that could style their hair in those cute spring weather floral head scarves. They always add instant cool to any look.

It wasn’t until I was late for a get-together and dealing with a very serious case of bed head, that comes with the territory of having wavy hair, that I decided to give this beauty trend a shot. And I’m so glad I did. I got showered with compliments on my casual updo held together by a scarf that took only moments to tie. It was the perfect rescue to a very bad hair day.

YouTube star Mimi Ikonn breaks down how to wear this perfect, easy spring look four different ways. This is the video that helped me get through my hair jam as it’s so simple to follow. We just love this video as the bright colored scarves just scream Spring! The looks are just so pretty, we can’t wait to try all these different styles out.

Here are some of our favorite head scarf looks:

The Bohemian


This style is perfect to cover up a bad hair day and looks much prettier and romantic than wearing a baseball cap. It’s so easy to create, just take a square shaped scarf, tie it around your head like a bandana with a double knot. The trick to this look is once you tied it, move the knot off to the side of your head. This will give you that effortless boho-chic look.

The Turban Look


Turban scarves are a great way to turn bed head into a glamorous updo. We tried this look on people around the office and the turban was a huge success at taming all hair textures, from the bounciest curls to the straightest strands. To get the turban look, I simply tied a long, thin scarf around the back of my head, crossing over at the top and looping around to form a tie in back. I then tuck the excess fabric in along with any frizzy strands I want to disguise and I’m out the door.

The Hidden Bow


The hidden bow is our favorite look for getting a romantic hairdo without the added effort. This easy style is created folding up any square scarf, but a larger light scarf is best, and then wrapping it around the head to tie it in the front. Take the loose ends and hide them in the scarf. The best part about it is that it adds volume to limp strands and tames frizzy tresses at the same time.

The Funky Bow

This was my favorite look and it only took a few moments to accomplish! I followed the same process I went through for the hidden bow look, then tied a bow on the second wrap around instead of tucking the fabric in. This fun and flirty head scarf style adds a feminine touch to a casual updo or as a way to lend some structure to free flowing waves and curls.

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