Easy & Stunning Braids For Short Hair!

If you have shorter hair, then you know the struggle of trying to find ways to style it differently everyday. Throwing it back into a cool messy bun as you rush out the door may no longer be an option for you and it may be a struggle to always have your short hair perfectly coiffed.

Well you’re in luck! Not only is short hair totally in right now, but also more and more people are finding awesome ways to style their short hairstyles that keeps it both interesting and fresh.

The latest and cutest way to style short hair is with braids! Now you might be asking yourself how braids are possible with short hair, but there are so many new ways to experiment with this style that you will be turning heads everywhere you go.

YouTuber, Ingrid Nilsen gives an excellent tutorial on how you can get two quick and easy braids that will not only work for your short hair, but also give you a reason to cut it off! Check out her video below!

The Snake Braid


The snake braid is an awesome way to create a funky new element to your normal braid. It’s a fantastic way to style smaller sections of your hair, while also making a striking statement!

The Double Dutch Braid


This style is wonderful if you want to create a more edgy look. Whether you go for thicker double Dutch braids, or multiple tiny ones to keep your hair pulled back off your face, you definitely can’t go wrong with this style!

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