Dry Your Hair Faster With These 5 Beauty Hacks

Drying your hair is the foundation for most great hairstyles, from smooth and sleek tresses to light and airy ringlet curls. Unfortunately for most of us, getting all of the moisture out of our hair can be a time consuming and damaging process. If your tresses are particularly long, you can add even more time to your morning routine.

These five super easy beauty hacks are ideal for shortening the time it takes to dry your hair, helping you get out the door faster while looking flawless.

Comb It Out

Using a wide-toothed comb prior to drying is a gentler way to separate your strands while they are still fragile and damp. Hair is more likely to snap with the force of a regular brush when it still has moisture in it, which leads to split ends and frizzies. By combing through your hair, you are increasing the air flow. Large clumps of wet hair take a lot longer to dry, whether using a hair dryer or letting it dry naturally.

Use a Dryer Conservatively


While we’ve all heard the warnings about how damaging hair dryer use can be, modern units are significantly better for your hair. Multiple heat settings make it possible to use just enough heat to dry your hair for those days when you simply can’t wait for it to dry naturally. Even the cold air setting on most dryers is a faster alternative to air drying. To further reduce the amount of damage to your hair, use a blow drying lotion or specially formulated heat protectant to keep your tresses protected from the heat.

Squeeze Excess Water Out

YouTube @Tati

YouTube @Tati

Wringing your hair is the last thing you want to do when stepping out of the shower, but gently squeezing the excess water out of the hair in a downward motion goes a long way without causing breakage. The more water you can get out of your hair, the less time it will take to towel or air dry.

Condition Regularly

Although it may sound counterintuitive, conditioning actually helps your hair dry faster. Because good conditioner seals moisture into the hair shaft, it also repels water, helping it dry much faster.

Towel Dry (The Right Way)

YouTube @Tati

YouTube @Tati

Towel drying your hair can significantly speed up the blow drying process, and may be enough on its own for some laid-back styles. This beauty blogger covers the right and wrong ways to remove excess moisture from your hair and get a perfectly styled look even faster.

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