Why The Banana Bun Hairstyle Is The Ultimate Lazy Girl Hack & How To Get The Look

Though top knots will never escape our hearts, the Parisian hair gods have spoken once again and we have open ears.

Cue The Banana Bun: a low-hanging relaxed french twist.

This effortless hair style has been dubbed the ponytail of Paris. With textured hair, a hair-tie, and a couple bobby pins, you can easily achieve the uber cute look you were never able to figure out using those nightmarishly complicated french twist clips from the 90’s. (Keep reading for a tutorial by PureWow…)

[Featured Photo Credit: Pinterest.com]

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com via C’est la vie


While just as time-conscious and foolproof as the top knot, this nonchalant low bun has plagued Pinterest boards within the beauty community and dominated beauty hack on Instagram.

The banana bun is the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle! The complete antithesis of the preppy sock bun that was all the rave a couple of years ago, this popular hairstyle is where messy and chic meet.


Photo Credit: Pinterest.com


A low-hanging bun that takes a solid 3 minutes to execute and 2 items you already have in a drawer under your bathroom sink: A hair-tie and bobby bins.

Whether you decide to use three-day-old hair or texturizing spray (let’s be honest now, everyone’s hair is better to work with when your natural oils are working their magic), the procedure of the ‘do remains the same. Once you have the banana bun you’re satisfied with, the rest of the styling is up to you.


Photo Credit: Pinterest.com via Tendances de Mode


This parisian ‘do is for those that favor the neat and chic and the lazy seeking 3 minute on-the-go hairstyles. We love the banana bun not only because we fangirl over the cute and easy, but because the banana bun can be altered and personalized to the bun to your unique liking.

This hairstyle is for the girls who have pinterest boards full of cute hairstyles and have failed the majority of them, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!

Split, wrap, and pin!

If you’re feeling up to it, leave some bang hairs out to create that stylish bedhead look and frame your face.

If you’re obsessing over the banana bun just as much as we are, please SHARE this with all of your friends on Facebook! Happy bunning!




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