5 Hairstyle Hacks Every Ponytail Wearer Must Try

One of the easiest ways to style your hair is with the classic ponytail.

You can dress up your traditional ponytail, or keep it more on the casual side. Either way there are many different ways to experiment from wearing it high or low, braided, off to one side, knotted or even messy.

Getting the perfect ponytail can be tricky at first, but with a little bit of practice and dedication you will be a pro in no time.

Here are 5 hairstyle hacks every ponytail wearer must try:

1. The Longer and Fuller Ponytail

If you want a semi-regular looking ponytail with a little bit of lift and life to it, then this trick will be perfect for you.

The longer and fuller ponytail is actually a simple look to achieve. It’s basically a double ponytail with some curls added to it. It’s a new way to change up your normal ponytail, while still getting that classic look.

2. The Double Knot Ponytail

The double knot ponytail is a satisfying variation of your normal low side pony. If you’re someone who is always messing around with your hair trying to see what new braid you can create, than you should definitely try this look out.

This style can be achieved within a matter of minutes or even seconds (if you’re that skilled), and you will have a new cute hairstyle to start your day with.

3. The Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Braided ponytails are definitely in this year, and luckily they are a lot easier to master than you think.

When combining these two awesome looks together, you’re basically getting pure magic. This is an excellent way to dress up your style for a daytime or evening event!



4. The 3 Tiered High Pony

This look is perfect if you’re ready to spice up your classic ponytail, and don’t mind experimenting with your hair in the process.

All you will need is three of the same colored hair ties, a comb and a little hairspray and this look will have you receiving compliments left and right.

5. The Runway-Ready Low Ponytail

This runway-ready style is a stylish way to dress up your low ponytail, while also changing up your entire ‘everyday’ look.

It’s time to trade out your sporty ponytail for one of these fashion-forward ones…and it won’t take you that much more time to do!

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