The Best Female Music Video Beauty Looks Of All Time

The year is 1990, and I am standing in front of a mirror practicing my Madonna impression. Her latest music video has just been released. While putting on my mother’s lipstick, I attempt my best imitation of the ‘Vogue’ video and wish that I could dye my hair blonde like the queen of pop.

Musicians influence us with more than just their music. Great stars have the ability to excite and amaze. They dazzle and delight with their talent, voices, point of view, and their amazing style. Since the 80’s, music videos have allowed stars to pull out all of the stops and touch our lives with their personal style.

We are excited to bring you a list of the best music video looks of all time. From the most outrageous to the most seductive styles, we had a blast creating this list and we hope you enjoy our compilation as much as we do!

1. Madonna, Vogue


Arguably the most iconic video of all time, Vogue is the stylish musical centerpiece at the height of the pop star’s career. Shot in only two days, the video features Madonna with a classic Marilyn Monroe inspired hair style. Madonna’s wavy blonde hair and dark lips are a look that transcends all time.

2. Lady Gaga, Poker Face


There are so many reasons why we love this Diva. Brave, stylish, and creative, Lady Gaga is always pushing the envelope. In 2009, the song Poker Face introduced many to the iconic singer. The video, that accompanied the star’s second single, features Lady Gaga sporting long blonde locks with a severe straight bang that hit just below the eyebrow. The star’s edgy style was able to shine through what is now known as one of the lady’s more tame styles.

3. Beyoncé, Single Ladies


This song has become an anthem for all single women worldwide. In the video, as always, Beyoncé is immaculately styled. Her hair is long with a little bump in the front, and her gorgeous blonde highlights sit high above her sultry, smokey eyes.

4. Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball


Many associate the short blonde hair and thick, dark eyebrows, that have become the star’s trademark look, with this song and music video. Today, the singer is known for her outrageous looks and androgynous style.

5. Whitney Houston, I Wanna Dance With Somebody


Classic 80s, Whitney’s streaked pink eyeshadow and overblown perm can be attributed to the over-the-top era’s style. Presently, the song lives on as a classic. However, we are glad to see this style stay in the past.

6. Gwen Stefani – No Doubt, Just A Girl


With super thin eyebrows and a bleached blonde hair-do reminiscent of the swinging 40s, No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani made waves with her style in this iconic 90’s video. Gwen Stefani went on to influence style throughout the 90s and is remembered as one of the decade’s greatest style icons.

7. Britney Spears, Baby One More Time


In Britney’s debut video the 90’s pop star plays the part of an innocent schoolgirl. The blonde pigtails with fuzzy pink hair accessories are essential to this classic look. Today, the video and the look are just as legendary as the star herself.

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