Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks That are Ridiculously Clever

Have you ever wondered how you can use some of the random objects around your house as part of your beauty regimen? We all heard of turning everyday kitchen essentials into beauty must-haves but how about random items you find around the house?!

YouTuber, Rclbeauty101 explains some of her unusual DIY beauty products that you can make at home to enhance your normal beauty routine, or at least try out for fun. These ideas may seem crazy at first, but we totally want to try them out!

Here are some weird DIY beauty hacks that you need to try:

1. Stick On Winged Liner

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

Sometimes getting the perfect winged eyeliner can be quite challenging at times. If you’re willing to try and make your own stick on winged liner, then you can easily do so by taking medical tape or a clear bandage and painting some gel eyeliner onto it.

Once you cut this piece out in the shape and size you want and stick it on your face, you will have an interesting way of getting an original looking winged liner look.

2. Lip Tattoos

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

When most people think about tattoos and their placement, your lips just don’t happen to come in mind at first.

By tracing your lips with some lip liner on a piece of wax paper, you can draw out a fun design to then place on your lips as a temporary tattoo. This look may seem a little unusual at first; put if you pick out an appealing design to create then you could give your lips a whole new dimension.

3. Makeup Brushes

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

I’m sure if you go roaming around your parent’s place, you will find some of your old toys and dolls that you used to play with, but have no purpose for now that you’re an adult.

You can actually take your old Barbie’s hair, and cut off as much as you want to use as part of your new makeup brushes. If you grab some new pencils and remove the eraser, you can then take that hair and super glue it into the pencil’s end.

This a pretty crazy way to go about making your own makeup brushes, but it isn’t that bad of an idea.

4. Gel Manicure

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

You might have never thought of using nail glue as an easy solution for gel manicures, but it’s actually really easy to do. It will end up lasting you as long as regular gel polish does for your nails, but give you a more interesting look at the end.

5. Nail Drying Bubble

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

YouTube @RCLbeauty101

I love painting my nails, but I hate waiting for them to dry. Even with a fast drying coat to top you nails off with…. it can still seem tacky for what seems like hours.

A quick easy fix to this is to take the cap off your perfume bottle and rubber band it around you finger.

How did I not think of this before?! Although, it seems a little weird, part of me thinks this is actually genius.

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