The Best Celebrity Beards That Will Make You Want To Grow Out Yours

About a month ago I decided to grow out my beard hair beyond my usual scruff. My reasoning for growing out my beard had nothing to do with the latest fashion trend but rather it started as a goal to see how long I could go before shaving again. Now that I have a pretty good length I’ve started really enjoying my new found facial hair.

I enjoy styling my beard and have started professionally grooming it at a barber shop to maintain it and make sure it looks presentable (not to mention to avoid the mess of grooming at home).

And beards are everywhere right now. From celebrities sporting it down the red carpet to sports stars stepping out on the field with a full beard.

Here we round up our favorite celebrity beard looks that will hopefully inspire you to grow out yours.

Shia LaBeouf

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Christian Bale

Antonio Banderas

David Beckham

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Pierce Brosnan

Jake Gyllenhaal

Tim Howard

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Joe Manganiello

Idris Elba

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Seth Rogen

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Conor McGregor

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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